My Story

When Carrie lost a close family member to chronic illness, she became acutely aware of the personal devastation that comes with losing control of your health. 

Carrie (Caroline) is on a mission to educate people about the power that exists in us all to reclaim our health, not just in recovery periods, but how we can reclaim our Health For Keeps!

With over 12 years of experience as a physiotherapist Carrie understands how the human body works best when the right physical and mental health environment is established. Having helped clients rehabilitate from injuries, return to work, and improve the overall quality of their life, Carrie believes that success is achieved by working holistically to build strength physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Known for her empathic approach Carrie blends strategic analysis for each client to understand their body, with powerful practical techniques to reach their goals. Physiotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis can all be used as ways to break through barriers. Her clients understand what is going on in both their body and brain and how they can reclaim fun, energy and good health by tuning into the power of their mind, body and emotions

Each Health for Keeps client has an individual prescription to break away from pain, unhealthy habits and poor health, and develop energy, vitality and practical skills to enjoy life! 

Individuals can receive both private treatment in Carrie’s relaxed homely clinic, at their workplace or through public access workshops. Carrie particularly focuses on helping carers, older people and people with disability, including neurodiverse clients. Carrie also partners with organisations and businesses to support individuals, provide group workshops and develop long-term wellbeing programs.
































































































































































































































































 Grow beyond recovery and reclaim your Health for Keeps!
































































































































































































































































Our Mission

The Health for Keeps Mission is to provide people with skills to get back to good health and to keep and maintain it by providing value driven services that meet both individual and organisational needs.  This stems from the belief that each individual holds the power within themselves to optimise their health.  Health for Keeps believes in individuality, empowerment and independence.

Carrie’s Qualifications

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

Occupational Physiotherapy (Level 1)

MSc Construction Management

Prince 2 Project and Programme Management

First Aid and CPR

NLP Master Practitioner

Master Coach

Master Hypnotherapist

Mental Health First Aid

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