Occupational Physiotherapy

Occupational Physiotherapy deals with good health in the workplace whether it is tradies on site, to office work, housekeeping or health and personal care. For example, if someone in your business reports difficulty in performing specific activities, regular sick leave absence after doing certain tasks or there have been some “near misses”, an Occupational Physiotherapy On-site assessment can help.


How Does This Work?

By conducting discussions with the people involved, looking at the task (task analysis), checking out someone’s suitability for a task or role I can help you to understand where the problem lies, and work out alongside you, the best value solutions for your business to resolve the problem.

Individual Physiotherapy

I seek to understand the patient and their experience of physical problems affecting them. Using my Physiotherapy knowledge, skills and techniques I can help patients address some of the most common painful musculoskeletal conditions e.g. back or neck pain, joint problems, headaches, and difficulties associated with genetics or particular times of life e.g pregnancy related musculoskeletal pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis.

The treatment techniques I use are influenced by the best evidence available for treatment of the condition, safety, the patient’s preference and how quickly results can be achieved or expected. Treatment can include advice and education on the condition, hands on therapies, functional exercise, and assisting behavioural change including helping patients with new (healthy) habits, working thought advice, movement re-education, hypnotherapy or neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques. Each patient receives their individual prescription to go from recovery and beyond!

When I first see you, I will ask lots of questions and ask for background information on your health and activities as well as about the problem you are experiencing. If you can fill out the Pre-Assessment and terms and conditions form in advance this will help to ensure that your session time is maximised. The information helps to form a comprehensive picture about you, so that you will receive the most appropriate advice and treatment. It takes somewhere between 45 and 60 minutes. You can ask questions any time and you also receive a take home treatment and action plan. On subsequent sessions (25 minutes) we always start with a reassessment and ensure that the plan is working for you and then get to work with treatment.

Physiotherapy Rates and Charges

Physiotherapy Assessment

45 Minute Session = $100

Physiotheraphy Subsequent Consultation

25 Minute Session = $77

Clinical Exercise Session (1-2-1) Initial

Initial 45 Minute Session = $100

Clinical Exercise Session (1-2-1) Subsequent Consultation

Subsequent Consultation 25 Minute Session = $77

On site private Occupational Physiotherapy Visit and Report Writing

$160 (hourly rate excluding travel)


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