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  • Goal setting and goal getting: Make your health goal happen

  • Healthy Ageing: get the best out of later life and make it easy

  • Healthy habits: start and keep that healthy change 

  • Healthy bodies: learn practical skills for mind and body 

  • Take charge of your wellness: move from health overwhelm to sustainable wellness


Poor health costs businesses big time!

What are the biggest cost to businesses and also the biggest value?  : Employees, workers, staff or people! When a business loses a person due to sickness, it’s costing that business around $500, per day!  Longer periods off work due to an accident or workplace injury runs into thousands of dollars. So, it pays to have good workplace health.  Those are just the monetary costs, stress on other workers, customers and work flow all add up.

Where to start? 

Carrie runs both public and custom workshops.  A custom workshop planning session elps your business to focus on where the greatest costs occur and where training will add most value.  Developing a healthy culture promoting individual well-being gives instant and direct value to employees and translates into business benefits of reduced sick days, less accidents and positive workplace culture.

Workshops are just that, work!
Participants don’t sit back, workshops are a mixture of content and fun engaging activities.  Each step of the process encourages and supports people to feel valued.  Attendees leave with useful strategies to use straight away and apply at home and at work.

Custom Workshop Inclusions:

  • Design consult face to face 60 minutes
  • Development of content, workbook and visual aids to suit audience needs
  • Delivery at your venue
  • Debrief meeting to review feedback and outcomes/actions 60 minutes
  • Provision of work books and other materials as agreed
Half or Full Day (3-6 Hours) = by negotiation

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