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Health for Keeps Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you find the answer to your questions here.

If the answer is not here, please send us your question by email ([email protected]) or phone/text on 0404 162627

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is physiotherapy? Physiotherapy helps to restore, maintain, and make the most of a patient's mobility, function, and well-being. Physiotherapists use a number of different treatment methods to help people including advice and education about their condition, hands on therapy, exercise, movement and breathing control. At Health for Keeps each person is individually assessed and consulted about what method of treatment will be best suited to them and their specific condition.

2. What should I wear to physiotherapy? As assessment of your condition and treatment can involve movement it's useful to wear something that is comfortable or easy to move in. On occasion, clothing may need to be moved aside to see the body area in question, however, this is only with a person's consent and maintaining their control and dignity at all times. If you don't want to do this, you don't have to.

3. Do I pay on the day?  Fees for privately funded physiotherapy are payable on the day of treatment. If you are an NDIS client, you will need to pay on the day if you are self-managed, or if you are plan-managed, your Plan Manager will be directly invoiced. DVA. Medicare and Return to Work (Work Cover) clients are bulk-billed direct to the organisation. 

4. Can I use my Private Health Insurance?  If you have Private Health Insurance with cover for Physiotherapy, then bring your card to claim your rebate on the day using HICAPS. Alternatively pay in full, and reclaim directly from your insurer.

5. Will it hurt? When you have a painful condition, sometimes you will find there is some discomfort or pain during the assessment or treatment process. If there is a chance of this, it will be explained to you. All attempts will be made to minimise or manage your pain appropriately during your session and your consent will be asked for when completing the assessment or treatment. Sometimes people feel soreness or pain after treatment and again if there is a risk of this, it will be explained to you, along with steps to manage it.  If you are worried about pain during or after your session, please contact the practice to ask for help and advice.

6. How long does Physiotherapy take?  The initial assessment usually takes around 50 minutes to complete (sometimes a little longer for more complex problems) and follow up sessions take 25 minutes. Treatment of your problem can take some time, depending on the condition. So, it is likely that you will need to return for a number of sessions, it is rare that something is resolved in one session. This will be explained to you during your first assessment to help you to manage your condition and make the treatment program as effective and efficient as possible. This means that you will be given "homework" to do in between sessions to make the most of your time when you are at Health for Keeps.  

7. Do I need to wear a mask? Although mask mandates have been relaxed, I still wear a mask in clinic as it is nearly impossible to social distance during hands-on treatment. 

8. Can I come if I've had Covid? Yes, but you are requested to delay your appointment until 7 days after you first were diagnosed with Covid. This is because healthcare settings (Physio clinics) are designated as high risk, as we are unable to maintain social distancing during treatment. However, Health for Keeps does offer telehealth appointments if needed. These are effective and safe if you are unwell and many conditions can be appropriately managed "hands-off". Please ask for more details.